Michele Karmin is an alternative soul singer-songwriter, composer and producer from the greater Philadelphia area. Her music has been in a constant state of evolution since the release of Let Me Introduce Myself... Again, a project birthed from teaching herself piano. The piano centric artist often incorporates flourishes from the electronic world and cinematic orchestrations into her studio productions. Her piano-ballad-meets-electronica cover of Collective Soul’s Heavy for instance, features Tori Amos like vocals with the musical tone of Portishead. Similarly, her original song Six Years stretches into trip-hop territory, with a gritty break beat breathing into a haunting piano melody with hints of ethereal, ambient noise. Whether focusing on her relationship with a friend, a lover, the world in general or having a conversation with God, Michele's music is introspective, poignant and intimate while simultaneously maintaining a universal appeal.Michele’s unique style of writing paired with her resonant emotional vocals is what opened the doors to her first charted release in the European music scene. During a collaboration with DJ Tom Colontonio, Michele wrote Colors of Tear, delivering a spiritually reflective and empowering song about pushing through the fear of change. The single was later signed to Spinnin’ Records, reaching the top 100 of the trance charts in the first week, and was promoted by Armin Van Burrenn in his State of Trance and Judge Jules BBC radio. In 2017 Michele released Shattered Glass, a dream-pop/downtempo ballad about embracing vulnerability. Sonically the song showcases elements of a late 80's early 90's rock ballad seasoned with electronic accents and a modern sound design. It's reminiscent yet still progressive with in-depth lyrical imagery, juxtapositions and rhythmic shifts.Over the years Michele's noteworthy cover reinventions, husky vocals and songwriting have established her as a distinguished solo artist with performances being characterized as having a constant newness and an indelible passion. On stage Michele's live shows are organic and dynamic, centered around her unique adaptations of eclectic songs and her own original material. She utilizes a vocal harmonizer, synthesizer, and sings while playing both the piano and kick drum, at times accompanied by a drum machine. Upon combining elements of rock, electro lounge and soul, Michele creates a musical landscape that is engaging, fresh and uniquely her own.Michele is currently working on her forthcoming album, a project she claims is a continuation of her musical metamorphosis and will feature her newest original song Dear God. “…The record is about nakedness in a sense..the good, the bad, the ugly... everything. It’s the heart, it’s the sin, its guilt. It’s just very human.” With the future of her music on the horizon, the Philadelphia artist reflects back on the evolution of her sound. “I’ve learned it is not so much about being a good writer, but more importantly how to be a good listener. Considering much of my writing happens subconsciously, like a random knock on the door. Who’s there? I have no clue really, until I start to open it. Learning to listen beyond the silence has become a very meditative and therapeutic experience over the years. No plan, no thoughts just beautiful blank quiet. And once the noise of the world tunes out, the most real and honest music manifests itself into existence.”Michele has performed and made appearances on NBC's The 10! Show, MTV, Philadelphia's Radio 104.5FM, Sirius XM, Fox News, 93.3 WMMR, 610WIP, iRadio Philly as well as college radio and was selected as the Director's Highlight, Featured Artist for the Philadelphia RAW Artist Awards semi-finals showcase. In addition to the music, Michele has worked as a model and actress appearing in national commercials and print ads. She is a member of BMI, The Recording Academy and the Screen Actors Guild. She has been recognized for her 2007 feature in the Adam Sandler movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry playing Larry's neighbor working in the garden.